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Graduate Women Qld (GWQ) is affiliated with The Australian Federation of Graduate Women Inc (AFGW), one of 78 member nations of the International Federation of University Women (IFUW), which has consultative status with the United Nations and its specialised agencies, including UNESCO and ECOSOC.

Members share the fellowship of like-minded women as they participate at local, national and international levels in activities such as fundraising for scholarships programs, setting up projects to assist women, and advocating on women’s issues, especially in the spheres of Education and Human Rights. Members also participate in the IFUW Programme for Action.

At the Triennial Conference in 2009 a change in membership criteria was approved. Membership is now available to graduates from all Institutions of Higher Education, with an undergraduate degree or its equivalent from any university or institution of higher education. The Australian Federation of Graduate Women was previously known as the Australian Federation of University Women. The name change acknowledges what has occurred in the higher education system both in Australia and worldwide.

The Queensland committee award two (2) bursaries annually at Australian Catholic University. One bursary is awarded to a final year indigenous student, the other bursary is awarded to a female student from regional/remote Queensland. All branches of GWQ award bursaries in their local region. (Please see link to Branches on the home page to further details). These bursaries are to assist women with their studies.


In 1920, AFUW-Q it was established by women of vision, initiative and courage during the first years of peace after World War I, to promote peace through the education of women and girls.

In 1939-40, members formed a War Service Sub-Committee which, in conjunction with the Mothercraft Association, arranged classes in first aid and home nursing. Throughout the War years, AFUW-Q members also served hospitality to graduate refugees, from both Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

National Body - The Australian Federation of Graduate Women Inc. (AFGW Inc.)

AFGW Inc. Is the national voice of graduate women, promoting the advancement of women world wide and their equality of opportunity through initiatives in education, friendship and peace. Website:

International Federation University Women

The International Federation of University Women (IFUW) is an international, non-profit organization of women graduates. We were founded in 1919 by women who believed in the importance of working together for peace, international understanding and friendship.

Our members are women of all ages, cultures, disciplines and professions. Many of them are experts and leaders in their fields. Through IFUW, women graduates form an international network, bringing an interdisciplinary approach to global problems.


IFUW Headquarters 10 rue du Lac, CH-1207 Geneva, Switzerland